The Company

Excellence without restraint

The Bespoke Audio Company is a new name in the audio world, but with an established history.

We’ve been involved in designing, making and supplying class-leading, highly acclaimed audio products to delighted music lovers around the world for the last decade.

Now we are free to build on our established success with a fresh, exciting new approach.

Think of The Bespoke Audio Company as you would a fine Savile Row tailor, where the craftsman’s hand works to your command, or as you would a master Swiss watchmaker, where precision engineering ensures exemplary operation and years of reliable service.

Beautiful products, craftsmanship without compromise, excellence without restraint.

A philosophy founded on the union between the luxurious experience of the customer and the exceptional performance of the product.

Every product that leaves our hands is crafted in collaboration between our skilled engineers and our customers. Built by hand, in England, to your specification, delivered to you for your pleasure and guaranteed for life.

The Bespoke Audio Company, we suit you.

The Evolution

Breaking new ground

Our years of experience in the design and manufacture of world-renowned audio products have given us an excellent grounding, but we wanted to push things beyond the well trodden path.

We’ve worked to overturn convention, to bring fresh thinking to stuffy ideas.

We have consulted extensively with other forward thinking designers to break new ground. Our custom components bring you a product which pushes sonic performance beyond previous expectations, presented to you in our exquisite casework.

The Product

Tailored to suit

We’ve been designing and building award-winning pre-amplifiers for many years now, so inevitably, our début product is our signature linestage.

Choose one of our suggested configurations or let us work with you to create something which satisfies your every desire. The decision is yours.

Every aspect of your pre-amplifier can be customised to your specification, from the number and type of connections, to the size and style of the engraving.

Tailored to perfectly suit its purpose: to seamlessly integrate your system and enhance your listening experience.

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The Specification

Stereo Inputs - Six

Stereo Outputs - Two

Auxiliary Input/Output - One

46 discrete steps over a 67.5dB range in 1.5dB increments

Remote control of level

Extensive range of finish options and colours

Dimensions -
Height: 110mm (4½”)
Width: 305mm (12”)
Depth: 345mm (13½”)
Weight: 14KG (31lbs)