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Our pre-amplifier has been awarded Pursuit Perfect System's Stand Out Product 2023!


Terry's fantastic YouTube channel needs no introduction here and we are honoured to be included in his end of year awards. Pursuit Perfect System covers a huge range of outstanding products and presents in-depth reviews and features - a must watch for any audio enthusiast.


You can see the end of year round up here:

Pursuit Perfect System

Jan 2024

Video by Terry Ellis


“Stand Out Product!

Header Image.jpg

"...all the tension and edge hardness that I associate with digital music was gone, totally gone..."

"There was better resolution of the subtle details in music, the decays, the trails, the small things that make you go WOW!"

"This product is certainly one of a kind."

Kind words in this wonderful review from Pursuit Perfect System. Watch the video review on YouTube HERE.

Thank you Terry!

Pursuit Perfect System

Feb '23

Video by Terry Ellis


“One of a kind!


A fantastic new review from Hi Fi 發燒圈專頁 explaining how each pre-amplifier is custom made for the owner, with some very kind comments on the sound!


(translated subtitles are available)


Thank you Hi Fi 發燒專頁 Patrick Lee and VOLENT Audio

Hi Fi 發燒圈專頁

Oct '21

Video by Patrick Lee


“Simple and beautiful”

Bespoke inst thin 1.png

"One of the best built and sounding preamps available, regardless of price."

"In short, this preamp not only demonstrates what it’s capable of, but gets the absolute best out of the kit its partnered with too."


"...higher registers sound so crystal clear they could shatter glass."


"...deep and effortlessly articulated bass notes..."


Kind words from Andrew Simpson,, July '21

You can read the full article here.


Jul '21

Written by Andrew Simpson


“... music in its purest form”


Kwok-yan of first reviewed our pre-amplifier in July 2018 (HERE) and we were lucky enough to meet him at the Munich High-End the same year - he is just as charming in person as he is in his outstanding videos!

He has now published his new review of a silver wound and wired version of our pre-amplifier and you can see his video review HERE.

Our thanks again to our good friend Ben of VOLENT Audio, our partner in Hong Kong.

Thank you Kwok-yan, we can't wait to meet you again!

Jul '21

Video by Kwok-yan



"The result, excellent.”


“superb, tremendously musical…”


“...details flow, flood the space we are in…”


“...the tremendous quality provided by this preamp, without hearing fatigue.”


- Jaume Font,, July 2020


Kind words with a happy ending, thank you Jaume!

You can read the full article HERE


Jul '20

Written by Jaume Font


"The result, excellent.”

AOD Edit.jpg

"What is striking is that the sound lets go freely and completely "smoothly" through Bespoke."

"There are no emphases, but a huge soundscape where all the micro details come in and the music sounds completely."

"The rendering is unstained in an absolutely fantastic way..."


You can read the full review HERE

Alt om DATA

Jan '20

Written by Peter Hyldahl


"...absolutely fantastic...”


"The way this passive preamplifier is presented is unparalleled. Customer care and the production process will take you back to a time when shoemakers made tailor-made shoes, not that they fell into your basket from the supermarket shelf. Plus, it's the most transparent volume control I've ever visited in a listening room."


“...the most transparent volume control that I have ever experienced in my listening room”

“This passive pre-amplifier is unprecedented”


“The level of customer care that is put into conceiving every single unit is amazing...”

“The Bespoke pre-amplifier was more absent than adding an extra length of interconnects”


You can read the full article HERE


Dec '19 

Written by MJ


“This passive pre-amplifier is unprecedented”

Soundstage Edit.jpg

"Ghostly silence, sublime transparency."

"Would I love to own one? Emphatically."

"For once, a company lives up to its name, for the company’s pre-amplifier is truly made-to-order, both equipped and attired to the client’s specific requirements, preferences, and/or demands"

You can read the full article HERE

Soundstage HiFi

Oct '19

Written by Ken Kessler


"Would I love to own one? Emphatically."

Stereophile Fremer no mark.jpg

"...jewel like beauty"

"Inside and out, this hand-built component is not merely among the most beautiful of high-end products - it is, to my eyes, the most beautiful."

"...the Bespoke pleasantly smoothed out a slight digital edge to create a buttery rich (but not too rich) sound that was particularly pleasing..."

"All music was set against 'black' backgrounds..."


Stereophile Magazine volume 42/ Number 6

Jun '19

Written by Michael Fremer


"If I had the money to keep one around for special times, I'd buy it."


Hi Fi Critic Vol 13/ Number 2

Apr - Jun '19

Written by Andrew Harrison


"...a landmark product in a wider world of that'll-do mediocrity"

"The Bespoke Audio Company Pre-amplifier is a landmark product in a wider world of that’ll-do mediocrity. Where once TVC designs would sound better than they looked, Bespoke has raised the  game in engineering and aesthetics – and then, for good measure, also uprated sound quality to eclipse even the newly arresting looks. With eyes closed, this is audio excellence exemplified."

You can read the full review here.


"...played with love and lots, lots of expertise"


"...the abyss of being abandoned by this extraordinary device."


"...the wiring is a work of art"


"...extraordinarily clean and transparent, luminous and so much musical performance"


"I speak of magic, of that 'more' that goes beyond the technical gesture..."


"...the precision with which the minimal vibrations of brass are separated is disarming..."
"Individual instruments that emerge clearly in each piece seem to shine a little more than usual"


" if by magic, every mystery of the score is revealed"

"...every instrument and a voice that is nothing short of perfect"


"... to get a top system I would start with this preamp"

You can read the full review here.

Fedeltà del Suono #276

December 2018

Written by Dimitri Santini


“...this extraordinary device”


I've spent most of the month with one and can report great things offers a degree of translucence that I've not heard before - like the [XXX], but a whole lot better

...excellent bass, which is altogether more defined, more fuller bodied and better resolved than any other pre-amplifier I have heard

...natural musical ease, allied to superb levels of detail and focus, all set within a vast soundstage - is really something to hear

David Price, Hi Fi Choice October 2018

HiFi Choice

October 2018


“...really something to hear”

...makes you listen to the music


All the music is shining, instruments and voices have the weight and shades are clear

...the vocalist is in front of me like 3D hologram

HiFi & Home Theatre AUDIO (Korea), 2018


With thanks to our friends and Korean partners, Sonoris.

HiFi & Home Theatre AUDIO

July 2018


“...makes you listen to the music”

Wonderful video review from in Hong Kong.


Thank you FeverSound Ken and to Ben and Dominique at VOLENT Audio for arranging this review.

You can watch the video HERE.


July 2018

Video by Kwok-yan



On looks, the pre already scored the full 13 out of 12 points.

From the first tones it was already clear that something special was happening.

...a new sense of ease and tranquility enveloping the sound.

We could set the volume at just the desired sweet spot where the amp ran most effortlessly.

...just perfect.

You can read the full review here.


July 2018

Written by Marja & Henk



“...just perfect”

It is a quiet determination to truly meet a client's desires head-on.

It's a certain freshness or lucidness which creates a particular sense of musical intimacy.

...this piece of kit still exceeds our typical hifi standards by a very comfortable margin.

...I know of nothing else quite like it.

You can read the full review here.


October 2017

Written by Srajan Ebaen



“...I know of nothing else quite like it”

This is the real Rolex of passive pre-amplifiers! 

The sheer Bespoke’s “character” or better to say the lack of it will be appreciated from the first few notes.

The Bespoke Audio Company is an exemplary proof that hard work, dedication and fanatic attention to every detail do matter.


Ordering and going through the process of buying The Bespoke Audio Company pre-amplifier is nothing I’ve experienced so far...

You can read the full review here.

Mono & Stereo

September 2017

Written by Matej Isak



“This is the real Rolex of passive pre-amplifiers!”

This is the best pre-amplifier that I've experienced in my now long life with audio at home.


It is not inconceivable that this will be the last line amplifier you buy.


An extreme transparency I have not experienced before.


...from the depth of the basement-deep low to the highest high, in all areas it smacks of perfection.


The Bespoke Audio Company provides a total experience, a proud sense of presence alongside the superior sound quality.

You can read the full review here.

Audio Creative

Feb 2017

Written by Dick Van de Merwe



“The best pre-amplifier I've experienced”

Image Hi Fi

Issue 133, Jan-Feb 2017

Written by Christian Bayer



“What can I say? I want one”

The utterly beautiful passive pre-amplifier from The Bespoke Audio Company in my humble opinion is currently the best of its breed

...seems to give music its freedom back again, lets it breathe and shine, without adding an extra signature

...let me tell you this: I am convinced that this will be the last pre-amp you will ever buy
"What can I say? I want one."

You can read the full review here.

Stereo Sound

Winter 2017

Reviewer's discussion with

Onodera, Fu, Wada, Yanagisawa and Miura



“Enjoyment forever”

The manufacturer’s accurate intuition for connoisseur preferences is readily apparent.

...superb operational feel...

...the manufacturer knows what pleases audiophiles. 

The torque touch at each click is exquisite, conveying pleasure to the fingertips.

I would say the model has practically overturned our notion of passive attenuators. and vibrant.

With conventional attenuators, sound performance can be too lean, but this model is
quite different.

...the touch demonstrates a sense of delicacy... 

The sound has a taste, a flavor, a texture of its own.

Elegance in taste and passion for the transformer are embodied in this model.

It has the allure one associates with an art object to keep and enjoy for a lifetime.

Hi Fi Stars

Issue 30, Mar-May 2016

Written by Frank Lechtenberg



“…one of the few devices that actually let one rediscover his music collection again.”

... the two founders from southern England will allow nothing to leave their hands, unless it is absolutely perfect in their eyes.


The heart of the Bespoke pre-amp are the transformers, which are wrapped in Hastings itself.


The channel output is outstandingly good, there is no distortion at all...


If we were to say it in prose: the Bespoke Audio is just an input selector with volume attenuation for line signals. If you include it in any chain, however, immediately the poetry is back!

...the bass range is sovereign with a simultaneous increase in precision. Precision seems ever to be a good keyword.


If the audio signals ran through the British pre-amp, it appears that in many recordings I have known for years there are so many new details that were not previously noticed.


...the respective recording is even more illuminated, details are uncovered and then integrated very musical in a very immersive sound.


The harmonic backbone of the piano fills the remaining free space between the other two musicians from an completely uncompressed overall picture.


Once again, here we have got a sophisticated recording that sounds very open and transparent with more detail than usual.


Actually incredible...


…its own, open and detailed musical approach.


The meticulous and extremely high-quality built passive pre-amp from southern England is one of the few devices that actually let one rediscover his music collection again.


...a league of its own.


You have presumably never heard something like this unless you have ever been privileged to hear a Bespoke Audio pre-amplifier.


...exquisite craftsmanship.


...a technically superb crafted jewel which in its own way breathes new life into the music.


Sonically outstanding!

Hi Fi Plus

Issue 134, April 2016

Written by Alan Sircom



“… if you are looking for the last pre-amplifier you’ll ever buy, the Bespoke Audio has got your name on it…”

It’s done because it’s the right way to do it. It’s the Rolls-Royce ethos.

Cables are carefully dressed, wrapped and laid out with the precision of a military parade...


Your name and your products serial number are etched into the key. This really is your pre-amplifier.


You know you are in the presence of something made for you at the first turn of a knob.


I’ve seen made-for-photography mock-ups built at phenomenal expense that aren’t as well finished as this.


This kind of build is better than a lot of good audio components that cost significantly more. just get the sonic goods.


It’s the ultimate in audio self-expression...


I love the idea of having a pre-amplifier made for me...

You can read the full review here.

“The pre-amplifier is beautifully made and beautifully modern...”
“Bespoke Audio preamp is one of the most transparent devices that you can buy”
"It was amazingly calm, beautifully focused and so perfectly specific that he wanted to reach out and touch. As if his microphone was not before his mouth, but as if he simply walked directly into the listening room.”
“...voices, instruments, everything has its own space and is beautifully detailed.”

You can read the full review here.

Hi-Fi Voice

March 2016

Written by Daniel Brezina



“ of the most transparent devices that you can buy”

Hi Fi World

April 2016

Written by Jon Myles



“…there’s a sense of magic to what it does.”

...the quality of construction is obvious.


...the soundstage seems to open up with greater definition and timbre to the instruments.


...viola sounded rich and keening with a palpable sense of bow on string while the saxophone was diamond-hard and soared from the ‘speakers.


...there’s no sense of losing any of the so-called drive of an active pre.


...there’s just a greater clarity to the sound...


...allowing the music to take on greater coherence and flow.


Musically, it is remarkably open and neutral and simply imbuing music with more air and space.


...the pride of ownership that comes with possession's an exceptional product.


...justifies the price with its sound, build and air of luxury.

...a lovely control centre...

...wonderfully understated...

Winding one of these correctly is a major work of art and science and awfully time consuming, both to build and test.

I can't imagine this pre-amplifier will ever fail.

The heart of the Bespoke preamplifier is not an off the shelf component by any means.


...unbelievably good.


None of the systems dimensionality was lost and the ESL’s tendency to be a little soft at times was now gone. excellent auditory experience.

...the Bespoke delivered more ultimate transparency...

This one wins a Publishers Choice award on attention to detail alone.


Winter 2016

Written by Jeff Dorgay



“...the coolness factor
of the Bespoke
pre-amplifier can’t
be overlooked.”

Hi Fi Pig

December 2015

Written by Stuart Smith



“I have no qualms in heartily recommending this pre-amplifier.”

“Let’s get one thing out of the way right from the start…this is not your common or garden product.”


“ is a weighty master-class in understated elegance”


“ is little things like this that make owning a product like the Bespoke Audio pre-amp a bit of an experience.”


“The build of the Bespoke Audio Pre-amplifier is without question of a very high standard indeed and is as you would expect.”


“the Bespoke Audio pre-amplifier as it seems to offer so little a sonic signature as to be pretty much transparent in my system.”


“At no point did I feel I was missing out on the extra drive that I mentioned getting from active pre-amplifiers and the music bounded along as it should whatever source I used and whatever speakers”


“...good recordings of real instruments just seem to open up and let you into the soundscape in a fashion I’ve not experienced on my system previously...”


“On rock, techno and more hard hitting music I again found I didn’t feel I was missing out on any of the “drive”of my active pre.”


“...I felt that extra lucidity in the mid and upper registers afforded by the Bespoke, allowed for a better spatial insight...a more three dimensional feeling to the stereo way to describe the feeling of this pre-amplifier is that you are more aware of things that are no longer present”


“ open window to the recording and the electronics you have in the system, allowing you to see and hear further into a recording than with my current reference, but at the same time it is not clinical or fatiguing in any way.”


“... to judge the Bespoke Audio product purely on its sonic merits would be to miss the whole idea somewhat...”


“...looking for that indefinable quality that owning a luxury product brings to the table.”


“... something that is hand built, beautifully presented and sounds … well it sounds of very little to be honest.”

You can read the full review here.


October 2015

Written by Art Dudley



“ quality is unsurpassed in my experience of all things audio.”

This may be the most tactilely satisfying audio product of my experience.

Clarity was sufficiently better through the Bespoke that some lines of notes were simply easier to hear.

Each little kettledrum tap in the hushed opening bars could be felt—and each dripped with color.


That something as unambiguously pure as the Bespoke pre-amp is so good at texture has enriched my point of view.


...beautifully detailed and realistically colorful...


Yeah, that’s the shit!


...I heard the same very pleasant lack of strain in voices and horns.


...spatial performance remained consistently good, irrespective of volume—praise that, in my experience, is rarely earned by an active pre-amp.


...theirs is a well made product, perhaps peerlessly so in it's category.


...a degree of precision that could only be termed luxurious.


Every square millimeter of the case's interior had the same seamless finish as the exterior.


I was charmed at first, by the lovely portrayal of the pianissimo strings... shimmery, sweet, decidedly pastel – timbrel colors we slightly less saturated than through my usual electronics – and pleasantly dry with really good texture.


...the Bespoke pre-amplifier was more accomplished than any other passive design of my experience.


...the Bespoke sang more sweetly, more colorfully, and, above all, more forcefully.


...meaty, colorful and compelling.


...the makers of passive pre-amplifiers, most of whom appear to specialise in only that category, are on a crusade to do things in their own, different ways.

You can read the full review here.

Mono & Stereo

May 2015

Written by Matej Isak



“... the Bespoke Audio pre-amplifier is simply stunning” extraordinary audio device.


...the attention to detail, fit and finish of their products is impeccable.


…simply a case of visual perfection.


...the Bespoke Audio pre-amplifier came along and changed the notion of what a passive pre-amplifier can do…


...from the day one I was hooked by the sonic qualities of this beautiful pre-amplifier!


The music sparkled, the instruments and voices had weight, the micro and macro dynamic shadings were first rate and the energy levels were just superb.


...the bass was superb in all areas: extension, control, punch, rhythmic abilities and dynamic range.


The vocal range was smooth and very open sounding; more so than ever I got the impression “someone” was literally standing in front of me, so vivid and lifelike was the presentation.


...resolution of the most minute details and overall transparency levels were all breathtakingly good.


...breathtakingly good...


At all times, the sound provided by the Bespoke Audio pre-amplifier remained extremely transparent, effortlessly natural and delicate. The music sounded very alive and most importantly: highly involving.


Listening to all this fantastic music through the Bespoke Audio pre-amplifier was a thrilling experience that I won't easily forget.


The sound it produces illuminates the depths of every recording that crosses its path, removing all veils and adding no sonic imprint whatsoever.


Add to that the extremely elegant visual aesthetics, a variety of available custom finishes, aided by the top notch build quality and a first rate customer support and you get a product that in my opinion deserves to join the elite company of Mono & Stereo Upper Echelon award.


From the first moment to the last everything was about quality and personal services.


The Bespoke Audio Company leads the way and shows vividly and stand out how high-end audio experience should feel like.

A mighty, potent musical box without a signature of its own.

You can read the full review here.

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