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Every product that leaves our hands
is crafted in a unique collaboration between us and you, our customer,
by hand, in England and, for the original owner, is guaranteed for life.


While we are building your pre-amplifier, we will send you weekly updates of our progress. These can take a variety of forms and because each pre-amplifier is completely unique it's a different process every time.

One example might be...

Week One


In the first week, we will send you a written copy of your completed order for approval. This documentation contains details of everything you've chosen including all the component parts, together with configuration drawings and artwork for any custom engraving you have requested.

Of course, there will still be time for last minute changes and we'll double check at every stage to make sure you're happy, but this first week is a chance to make sure we've understood everything perfectly.

Week Two


Once everything is agreed and you're completely happy, we'll order the engraving for your source surround and rear panel, plus any other custom engraving you've specified.


We'll get your aluminium case parts checked, carefully packed and shipped to the anodiser.

Week Three


In the third week we can really get down to work. We'll send you a video of your transformers being wound. We film parts of the transformer winding process and then annotate the video with some slides to explain what's happening.


We'll also include a written update of any other news - ordering progress for any special parts etc., technical changes or testing results.


You can see an example winding video here.

Week Four


By this point we will see your finished casework back from the anodisers and we'll send you some photographs as we begin to assemble it.


We will also send photos of the finished, engraved and plated trim you asked for.

We'll begin wiring your transformers to your level switch and make the loom between the inputs on your rear panel and your source selector switch.

Week Five


We will now be in the final stages. We send you test data and photographs of your almost completed pre-amplifier during its final burn-in and listening tests.


We'll also post you a special tool which can be used to open your pre-amplifier. If you've chosen a wooden veneered lid, we'll send photos of the final finish for your approval.

Week Six


Your final update will be photographs
of your completed pre-amplifier and
its packaging, together with dispatch information and a PDF copy of your personalised user guide.

We are confident you will find the performance of our product more

than exceeds your highest expectations.


If you would like The Bespoke Audio Company to build the last 

pre-amplifier you will ever own, we invite you to arrange an audition.

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