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“The music sparkled, the
instruments and voices had
weight, the micro and macro
dynamic shadings were first
rate and the energy levels
were just superb.”


Matej Isak

Mono & Stereo - May ‘15

Our début product is a pre-amplifier, the heart of a high fidelity audio system. We have focussed our years of high end audio experience into research and development to produce the ultimate

line controller.

We proudly present our highly acclaimed, multiple-award-winning pre-amplifier - cherished by music lovers around the world.

A flexible design with six inputs and two outputs in any combination of balanced and unbalanced connections.

An extensive palette of technical options and finishes ensures your pre-amplifier complements your system.


Choose one of our suggested configurations or let us work with you to create something which satisfies your every desire. The decision is yours.

“It’s the ultimate in audio self expression...”
“... if you are looking for the last preamplifier you’ll ever buy, the Bespoke Audio has got your name on it...”


Alan Sircom

Hi Fi Plus - April ‘16

“...there’s a sense of magic to what it does.”


Jon Myles

Hi-Fi World, April ‘16

of Winding Wire
of Hook-up Wire
of Heatshrink
of Casework
of Beeswax

When you are completely satisfied with your design, we will build your pre-amplifier in our workshop, by hand.
It takes around six weeks* from the receipt of your order to delivery of your tailor made, rigorously tested pre-amplifier in its beautiful presentation flight case.


We will keep you completely updated while we work, with videos of your transformers being wound, photographs of your casework and custom engraving along with weekly written reports of our progress.

*June 2023 - please note our current lead time is eight to ten weeks. We are fortunate enough to be largely unaffected by the global pandemic, but some of our partners are subject to delays (details HERE)

“The extremely high-quality and meticulously built passive pre-amp from southern England is one of the few devices that actually let one rediscover their music collection again.
...a league of its own.”


Frank Lechtenberg

Hi Fi Stars - Mar/May ‘16


Stereo Inputs - Six

Stereo Outputs - Two

Auxiliary Input/Output - One

46 discrete steps over a 67.5dB

range in 1.5dB increments

Remote control of level




Height - 110mm (4 1/2”)

Width - 305mm (12”)

Depth - 345mm (13 1/2”)

Weight - 14kg (31lbs)

We are confident you will find the performance of our product more

than exceeds your highest expectations.


If you would like The Bespoke Audio Company to build the last 

pre-amplifier you will ever own, we invite you to arrange an audition.

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