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Matej orders a pre-amplifier

We are incredibly proud to announce that Matej Isak of Mono & Stereo has ordered one of our pre-amplifiers for his reference system.

Matej is a writer with worldwide renown and while he is best known for his work, tirelessly searching out the best audio products for his readers, anyone who knows him knows that he is also the consummate gentleman.

Matej wrote the first review of our pre-amplifier, published in May 2015. We have stayed in contact with him both at shows and by the occasional email, but we were completely bowled over when he contacted us explaining that he was making some changes to his personal system and he would like to buy one of our pre-amplifiers - which, in typical Matej style will be extensively customised!

You can read more about Matej's plans here and he will be documenting the whole build process over the coming weeks.

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