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Munich HIGH END 2018

We had a wonderful time in Munich for this year's HIGH END.

We showed our special 5th anniversary pre-amplifier and prototypes of our new Moving Coil Step up. We were flattered by the positive comments from visitors to our stand and by the kind word of the press. On the opening day of the show, Stereophile's Art Dudley was amongst the first visitors to our stand and included us in the first instalment of his show report. Matej Isak included news about our Moving Coil Step up at Mono & Stereo and there is more early coverage in Srajan Ebean's 6moons show write up, Stereonet's photo gallery and My Hiend's photos. This year, we had the great privilege to supply one of our pre-amplifier for use in Finkteam's room, where they launched their new Borg loudspeaker. The show was very busy, but on the occasions we were able to drop in to Finkteam's room, the sound was nothing less than exceptional.

No celebration is complete without cake, so in the last hour of the show, we brought out our 5th Anniversary cake and we were lucky enough to share it with some of our good friends who were able to get away from the stand - Lucy ran around delivering slices to those who couldn't come to us!

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